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The BLASTER brand of BB’s from ActionSportGames represent the highest quality within Airsoft BB’s. BLASTER BB’s only vary between 5.96 mm and 5.98 mm in dimension, making them extremely consistent in size. 

ASG 0.30g bb 1000

  • 0.30g BBs are often used for upgraded and high end Airsoft AEGs, gas and CO2 rifles and pistols. They give very good range and accuracy and less likely to be affected by crosswinds than 0.25s

    In addition to the high consistency of the dimensions of the BB’s, all BLASTER brand Airsoft BB’s have received a special coating for improved smoothness/lubrication, ensuring almost no loss of compression when shooting. The high consistency in dimension and the special coating makes for an extremely high quality of Airsoft BB, placing the BLASTER brand among the very best of the Airsoft BB’s available on the market today.

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