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G&G have added yet another masterpiece to their infallible Combat Machine series, which features an 10" KeyMod Rail System, 14mm CCW Thread, Flip Up Ironsights and a Sliding Crane Stock for Crane Stock style Batteries.


  • This Airsoft Electric Gun is based on the AR/M4 platform and is another in G&Gs insanely popular Combat Machine series, which are famous for their longevity and user friendly design - which is why they are regularly used as Rental Guns for many Airsoft sites. This variant of the Combat Machine offers an 10" KeyMod Rail System which is built from Alloy and Powder Coated to promote better grip. This Rail System saves on weight by being a less bulky design and allows you to install 20mm adaptors or use KeyMod compatible accessories directly onto the rail. 

    The top of the Handguard has a full length top 20mm rail which runs to the rear of the Receiver, and allows you to install compatible Sights and Scopes. The top rail comes with a set of Flip-Up Iron sights installed on it out of the box, which can be adjusted for Windage and Elevation. 

    The Outer Barrel Assembly is made from a tough Alloy to give the rifle a strong core, and features a 14mm CCW Thread for Suppressors, Tracer Units and other Muzzle Devices. To access the thread ensure you remove the Grub Screw from the Flash Hider before unscrewing it. 

    The Receiver is made from a tough Reinforced Fiberglas Polymer which is textured, tough and feels very good to the touch. The Fire Controls will be familiar to anyone who has used the AR platform, with a Safe / Semi / Auto Fire Selector and Charging Handle which pulls open the Dust Cover. When the Charging Handle is pulled to the rear, you will find a Gear style HOP adjust underneath the Mock Bolt, which can be adjusted to apply more or less backspin to your BBs as they leave the barrel. 

    The rear of the rifle has an Alloy sling loop to attach a One Point Sling to make it easy to carry throughout the day, and to help use a Sidearm during skirmish. The six position Sliding Crane Stock can be adjusted to multiple lengths to make it comfortable for any user, and is also where the Battery is housed. Inside the Crane Stock is a Mini Tamiya connector which is accessed by removing the Stock completely, or removing the Butt Pad from the rear. There is plenty of space inside for a 7.4v Crane Stock LiPo (<2000mAh). 

    • CM15 KR 10'' Carbine AEG
    • 300rnd High Cap Magazine
    • User Manual
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