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Designed with quality and functionality in mind to produce rifles to a quality never seen before. constructed from Alloy with a Polymer Pistol Grip and Stock. 


  • The LVOA features a great deal of already upgraded parts, such as a gearbox with 8mm bushings to make the gears run smoothly, as well as an integrated MOSFET to protect the trigger contacts and regulate voltage to the motor. The weapon comes pre-fitted with the highly sort after WarSport Branded Receiver and wire cutter rail system, a combination that makes this weapon quite the head turner. The Warsport rail has a full length 20mm ris rail along its top, its sides and bottom are free of rail to keep the profile as small as possible however the included rail section included in the box can be attached where ever your attachments are needed. The weapon also features an Easy Change Spring System, allowing the FPS of the gun to be quickly and easily changed without having to take the gearbox apart. The weapon features a six-position stock and an Ambidextrous Fire-Select allowing the fire mode to be changed even during transitional movements, making it great for both left hand and right-handed shooters. The Hop-Up system inside the weapon is constructed from one-piece alloy, and features a rotary dial, making it easier and more accurate to adjust. This is the perfect weapon for any Airsoft Skirmisher who wants a top-quality gun, with great quality internals, and also wants to have a great looking rifle on the field.

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