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The KRYTAC Barrett REC7 DI SBR is not only a mouthful to say, but is a medium-length AR/M4 Platform Airsoft Gun, powered by a Battery installed inside the Stock. It features the Nautilus Gearbox which is the secret recipe for the renowned Krytac performance, encased inside a fully Barrett licensed Alloy Receiver.


  • The end of the Barrel has a 14mm CCW Thread underneath the Muzzle Brake, which can be unscrewed once the Grub Screw has been removed from it. This thread allows the connection of Suppressors, Tracer Units and other Muzzle Devices. The barrel runs through a licensed M-LOK Handguard which can be used to install M-LOK compatible accessories, but also 20mm accessories provided you install Rail Adapters (one included). The top of the gun features a full length top 20mm Rail which is ready for PEQ Boxes, Sights, Scopes or anything you're brave enough to put up there. The Receiver is a typical AR layout but has the added benefit of an Ambidextrous Fire Selector. This lets a Left Handed Player use the most important function of the gun from their preferred side, without having to make an uncomfortable transition. The back of the Receiver features an Ambidextrous Sling Plate, so that you can easily connect a Sling from either side of the gun. The rear of the gun has the typical Krytac Stock that offers a fantastic Battery Space for Crane Stock LiPos, whilst also being comfortable and easy to use. Simple squeeze the Butt Pad Tabs and pull the pad away from the Stock to access the T-Plug/Deans connector inside. A Deans to Mini Tamiya Converter Lead is included if you don't have any Batteries terminated to Deans.

    The Nautilus Gearbox offers Version 2 compatibility as well as being loaded with 8mm Bearings, a Padded Cylinder Head, Relief Cut Cylinder Window, Anti-Correction coating for the Gearbox, integrated MOSFET system as well as 'easy spring access'. This basically means that the Main Spring can be easily removed from the Gun once the Gearbox has been removed from the body. A Rotary HOP Unit can be found behind the Dust Cover, accessed by pulling back on the Charging Handle.

    • KRYTAC - Barrett REC7 DI SBR Assault Rifle
    • Deans to Mini Tamiya Converter Lead
    • 150rnd Mid Cap Magazine
    • Short 20mm RIS Section
    • Flip Up Ironsight Set
    • User Manual
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